Maggie Rusch

Professional Triathlete


You can read more about each company and snag any deals from Rusch Racing below!

Alto Cycling


Alto designs, manufactures, and assembles the fastest bicycle wheels in the world. I train on the A26 aluminum clinchers and race on the CT86 carbon tubulars. I just started working with Alto in 2016 but you can read my initial thoughts here and I will definitely be sharing more! Also, don't be afraid to reach out—happy to chat with you personally about my experiences!

Cadence Run Company


Cadence Running Company is based in Gilbert, AZ but owned and run by two of my favorite triathletes in the world, Dan Beaver and Mary Knott. Check them out—these running experts also ship!

First Bourn


First Bourn aspires to become a widely recognized network of world-class training destinations for endurance athletes. With many supporting higher altitude training, First Bourn is focused on providing athletes the experience, accommodations and support needed to be successful in achieving a wide array of goals. First Bourn is fueling the multi-sport and endurance lifestyle and helping athletes improve and perfect individual performance – no matter what the level of fitness.

Asheville Therapeutic Massage


I don't trust anyone other than Lawrence Hines for all body work and massage. He keeps me moving despite balancing heavy training loads with the life stress of spending 8-hours a day at a desk for day job. Even better, Lawrence offers helpful take-aways, tips and stretches to take back to my day-to-day life. If you're local to Asheville or just visiting, he's a great resource!


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