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Quick Trip to New Orleans

Between bear sightings (yes, I saw two more this past weekend, bringing my monthly bear total to three), I managed to sneak home for a three day weekend. The cause for celebration: my grandmother's 90th birthday. Some highlights: 

Getting to swim in the pool I spent hours and hours practicing in as a kid, including one swim where I was sandwiched between a masters swim group and two lanes of 6-under kiddie swimmers. At one point, one of the little dudes was even keeping up with me while I was hitting 1:30ish/100m. Future Phelps?

Swim time with my waterbug of a niece! She's only around nine-months but LOVES splashing in the water. My dad even dunked her once (accidentally!) and she came up sputtering but fine (way to go, dad... trial by fire?)

Ten-or-so miles around the neighborhood in fine Louisiana form (aka 100-degrees + 85% humidity)

A little bit of post-run icing, complete with compression provided by Miss Nora (my own personal NORA-tec when home):

Good ol' fashioned snow-BALL (and not a snow "cone", y'all)

More Victoria & puppy-time

Bonding with cousins (once-removed, I think?) at my Grandmother's fancy 90-th birthday party down at Galatoire's in New Orleans. We're totally playing Angry Birds here... the only semi-entertaining thing on my phone these days.

Oh, and did I mention that my Mama is a spitting image of queen Elizabeth? Yup, ROYALTY:

And then the poor puppies Nick and Nora cried when I left them....

Sad to be back but the training must go on, because....