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now i know what ironman training feels like

i’ve struggled to get out bed the past few days, have been walking around like a zombie, feel like my body got hit by a 2-by-4 and am treating my trusty nalgene like a disconnected IV drip. but, no, i’m not even close to ironman training standards.

i’m either...

  1. having a bad reaction to the flu shot I got on Wednesday
  2. actually getting the flu
  3. experiencing shingles part 2, almost exactly one year later

thankfully, my guess is that it’s just A but i’ve taken all of my training down to zero for the past few days to make sure A doesn’t escalate into B or C. november 1st was supposed to be my valiant return back to regular training but this minor detour has been a good excuse to put that off until daylight savings, this upcoming saturday/sunday night, which will make my morning workouts start to seem a little more reasonable (and safe).

though, to be honest, i haven’t even really treated this off-season that much like an actual off-season. i may have actually run more than during the season, including two very fun but humbling 10ks. the main difference has been that I have refused to set any plans or track any workouts and have yet to pull out that trainer. I figured that i’ll be spending enough time on the dreaded thing this winter (which wouldn’t be too bad if I actually had cable) that I might as well hold off as long as possible before giving into the thing. now if only i can figure out that whole strength training thing, which is supposed to be good, right?