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rev3 sunrise mix

i really need some structure back in my life. we had work off today, which was nice, but i just looked up and realized i've somehow spent the past 2-hours procrastinating the bike test i was meaning to wake up and do earlier this morning. oops. good news though: in my procrastination, i now have a killer mix for those early AMs on the trainer. thanks to spotify, some interesting spin-blogs and my trusty itunes, i managed to pull together a nice little playlist for today's trainer sesh and thought i'd share:

#Rev3Sunrise on Spotify

it's a little random (actually really random—i don't discriminate) but was created in the spirit of the #rev3sunrise movement... meaning some of us need all we can get when it comes to the early-morning-motivation department! it's a pretty good mix of current jams, plus a few throwbacks, to help get in the right zone, cadence and mindset.

i have also made it a collaborative group, so if you have any good jams to throw on there to share, please feel free! guys, feel more than free to offset the spice girls, gaga and katy perry with, well, whatever it is you dudes rock out to during workouts. however, since rev3 is a family friendly group, i made sure to use the radio-edit versions when applicable/possible and ask that you do the same... otherwise i'm gonna have to yank 'em! enjoy!

now off to do the test! it's only 20-min of warm-ups and then basically a 20-min TT but i'm at the point in training where i'd rather do 2-hours of Z2 than go all out for 20-minutes. even though i know it's only a temporary benchmark for HR (since i'm waiting on investing in a PM and don't have a bike computer right now), i can't help but see it as a race/test. no, i don't have competitive issues at all... even against myself...

note: if you don't have spotify already, it's awesome. trust me on this. if they're still requiring invites to get an account, let me know or DM me your email on twitter and i'll send an invite your way.