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Rev. It. Up.

It's that time of year again... many of the amateur triathlon teams are opening up applications for the 2013 season, including:

Team Rev3!

I've been lucky enough to be a member this past year and couldn't be happier to race with such a stellar organization and group of people. why should you apply? Well, I think Rev3 puts it best:

- - -

Should you apply?   If you answer YES to five or more of these questions then we think you’d be a great match for our Rev3 Family.

  • You prefer being associated with a team versus being an individual racer.
  • You have a great sense of humor and would enjoy a team that laughs and jokes a lot, and is exceptionally close.  We support one another as a family – first place finishers, middle of the pack, crawling to the finish – WE DON’T CARE.  We love the athlete, not the accomplishments.
  • You have been to a Rev3 event and loved it.
  • You consider character and loyalty to be among your list of top qualities.
  • You want to promote Rev3 and its sponsors because you believe this truly is a great race series.
  • You are very active with social media: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc.
  • You understand the importance of being a brand ambassador.
  • You would like to receive Rev3 sponsor products and discounts.
  • You would attend 4 or more races, as an athlete, volunteer or potential working position for the race.
  • You would like free team entries to any Rev3 race.

- - -

As someone who does a lot of my training solo, I applied because I wanted to be a part of that Rev3 family and connect my triathlon experience to a beyond-fantastic race series, awesome group of athletes and exciting sponsors.

What I didn't realize is HOW MUCH of a support group the Rev3 team would be. I don't think a day goes by where there's not a ridiculous thread on the team listserve or random twitter exchange. Outside of the team itself, I love bumping into people while training and chatting about the Rev3 series when they ask about my visor or my shimmer swim suit. Seriously, great conversation starters...

But most of all, being on the team has taken me one step closer to realizing how big of a presence triathlon now has in my life. Looking back, I got "the call" from team mama Sharpie while at a concert in DC. Of course I ran out, chatted with her, jumped up and down about a hundred times in the freezing cold and proceeded to call my parents and text my closest friends, before sneaking back inside the 9:30 club to see the rest of Walk the Moon's set list. Of course, I missed most of the songs but it was WORTH IT! And one year later I'm realizing that I'm itching more and more to go "ALL IN" on this crazy sport. Being on this team, surrounded by inspiring people and racing with the best race series out there, has helped me realize that and get me to where I am today. Random tangent, but true.

Go ahead, learn more about the team and process here and apply!