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Playing Tourist

It’s been a while since I’ve been a frequent visitor to double-digit land. There was Junior year of college, when I started training for my first marathon, got overzealous with a few long back-to-back runs and ended up injured (seriously, when is a 22-miler ever a wise choice?). Or my yearly tradition of logging 10+ miles on Christmas morning and New Year’s Day (again, hung-over running? Bad idea…).  Now I’m trying to be a *little* bit wiser about my training choices and I think it’s starting to pay off. Case in point: yesterday I ran 16-miles in 2:10. Not too shabby, although I must confess I rode the Metro back home to avoid the regular 3-mile uphill slog on the return to my apartment.

On this little jaunt around the city I discovered that living in DC definitely has its perks. I started my run off with a visit to the National Cathedral, ran down through historic Georgetown, said hello to Abraham, Lincoln AND FDR at their respective memorials, and then veered away from the mall to check on the first family. The combo of monuments and tacky tourists definitely makes for entertaining runs.

When I finally got home, I was starving – but also gross. To compromise, I made a giant smoothie, popped a lid on the cup, and took it in the shower with me. The shower smoothie put me in such a “go-me!” mood that I even sat down in the tub, blasted the cold-water and endured the lazy/cheap-girl’s version of an ice bath. No where near as painful as the 8-min, sub-40 ice baths we used to have to endure after every single volleyball pre-season practice in college. Now, those were rough.

And then, to be honest, I just didn’t have the energy to be Super-Bowl-social. Instead, I put on my robe, my favorite Zoot compression socks, propped up my legs and spent the rest of the evening watching old episodes of the Office on Hulu. Worth it.