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Don't Panic

Things have been quiet around here... mostly because I'm coming off three months of what feels like non-stop travelling. I did the math and figured out I was only in DC three short weekends between the start of September 9th (Vegas) and November 9th (New Orleans). I have some VERY exciting news (for me, at least) but before that, I wanted to share some details about a race this weekend in the DC area that my teammate Kiersten passed along: It's the second annual "Don't Panic 5K" that benefits the Don't Panic Foundation. Kier does a great job of describing it:

Don't Panic supports firefighters and police officers injured outside the line of duty. Most recently they have supported individuals and their families who have suffered from both medical emergencies (such as stroke and heart attack) and traumatic accidents. It is a small local race with a great feel. The finish line party spills over to McGinty's Irish pub (firefighters, bagpipes, beer...what more can  you ask for??).

Sadly I can't make the race myself and a 5K is probably the last thing I want/need after a race-filled october, but if you're in the area and looking for a fast race that includes hot firefighters (i'm just assuming they're smokin'), beer and bagpipes... you might want to check it out. also: FYI, did you know firefighters and bagpipers actually are a thing? Thank you, Google.

Unfortunately online registration is closed but it's only $35 at the door for a good cause, so check it out: