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running at sunset

thursday night's run was absolute perfection, and i couldn't be happier that i had my iphone with me to capture the beautiful sunset that was happening as i made the DC monument loop. starting off running through georgetown and then past the kennedy center...

and then spent a good 15-10 minutes warming up along the potomac. i rarely get off work right at 5:30 and rarely am together enough that i can run straight home from work. tonight the timing was right, the stars aligned and i couldn't be happier that i had this beautiful sunset to accompany what felt like a break-through workout.

 after running along the somewhat empty waterfront, i decided to go do my speed work around the nation's track... aka the national mall. it was a handful of intervals working through 90sec on, 90sec off. i probably pushed more than i should have, but only because these tempo-like intervals are my favorite (mostly because they remind me of 400s on the track).

seriously, could not get over the sky. i took the liberty of stopping a few times to make sure i got a decent photo. the photo below of the lincoln monument has to be one of my favorites—the sky really was this brilliant. didn't touch this with any filters or photoshop. stunning:

while everyday feels like a history lesson running in DC, the one drawback has to be the number of times i KNOW i've accidentally photobombed some tourist's photo. today, it was group pretending to do ridiculous things with the washington monument. sorry, guys...

a loop around the mall later, i made my way up past the white house and then, a few blocks later, made it all the way home. 6.5 miles done and done. even with the warm-up/cool-down and the easy "off" intervals, my average pace was around 7:40. in a good place and cannot wait to race! next on tap is the nation's half-marathon (sorry, guys, will never ever call it the DC rock-n-roll USA or however it's currently being branded). happy that i'll be very very familiar with the route by race time next month!

happy running! and may more gorgeous sunsets be in our futures!