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Wide Open Spaces

Also known as: Once you go flat, you never go back. This weekend took me up into Maryland for a long ride through the DC Rainmaker-approved farmland of Queenstown, MD. I’ve been getting tired of my hilly tour de Montgomery County and was looking for something a little flatter in prep for my first half coming up in June, Eagleman. I couldn’t have picked a better place:

Only a few miles north of Cambridge, MD, this route was a much needed change of scenery from my regular car-filled routes. There were a few stretches where I would go half-an-hour without seeing a car or even another person. The roads were pancake flat and the shoulders ample: rural riding at its very best!

Aside from some close encounters with the wind and occasional cow, the only very eventful thing on this ride was accidentally biking onto a divided highway. Not sure how it happened but all of a sudden cars where whooshing by my and I was saying a few hail marys as I skidded over some rumble strips along the side of the road. After dismounting, turning around and praying that I made it out alive, I finally made it back to my wooded route and continued exploring the area. Seriously, even with a few iPhone-aided reroutes, it’s a miracle that I didn’t end up super lost at any point in the trip.

In all, I made it about 50-miles, having downed three bottles of H20 (two supplemented with some PowerBar Perform) and a medley of PowerBar gels. I got back to the playground where I had parked, knocked out a speedy t-run (almost too speedy… felt good!) and then rode windows down back to D.C. Could not have asked for a better Saturday!