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Olympic Inspiration

Less than 24-hours before I fly out to go race Rev3 Wisconsin Dells!! There has been no shortage of inspiration these past few weeks. On my mind in anticipation of Sunday's race:

"You have to go out there and be a beast. Because if you don't , you're not going to be on the top" - Gabby Douglas

As well as...

Last week's Olympic 10,000M Finish


Nicola Spirig takes the win


And, as always, Prefontaine...


Good luck to anyone and everyone racing this weekend!

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making the rounds

there are no words. andrew starykowicz's UAE horror story from the abu dhabi tri

LOVE: jesse thomas' "bieber zombie mode" at rev3 quassy

kelly williamson on toughing out a rough day at quassy

lastly, quassy from a different perspective: run course lead biker

gem: "pace bunnies"

a day in the life of rinny: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4

in memory of freeskier sarah burke: the light that will not go out

"the best job": love this mom-focused, olympic-themed P&G commercial

jordan rapp, eloquent as ever

twenty rules of life and triathlon

cool youtube channel by pair of extreme runners

fantastic feature on simon whitfield

another horrible running tragedy- prayers for the family and how to stay safe out there

slate on long-distance running

infographic: TDF doping matrix

that's bananas: bananas > gatorade

crotchfest 2012: HILARIOUS but PSA: do not eat and read this one

high dive: beautiful photography

random but: the lost tributes of the hunger games

the story of sam wiggins, rescued pup

physiology vs psychology in the effects of hot temps

olympic outfits (GBR is my fave of the group)

improving long course bike speed

hilarious craigslist add for used yoga mat

swim strokes: paddle vs. propeller

"I've had to learn through experiences not to be afraid to fail. you don't know what the future holds for you. You can hope your dreams come true, but you have to be fearless. I don't want to look back and think, What if?" - Nastia Lukin

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rev3 sunrise mix

i really need some structure back in my life. we had work off today, which was nice, but i just looked up and realized i've somehow spent the past 2-hours procrastinating the bike test i was meaning to wake up and do earlier this morning. oops. good news though: in my procrastination, i now have a killer mix for those early AMs on the trainer. thanks to spotify, some interesting spin-blogs and my trusty itunes, i managed to pull together a nice little playlist for today's trainer sesh and thought i'd share:

#Rev3Sunrise on Spotify

it's a little random (actually really random—i don't discriminate) but was created in the spirit of the #rev3sunrise movement... meaning some of us need all we can get when it comes to the early-morning-motivation department! it's a pretty good mix of current jams, plus a few throwbacks, to help get in the right zone, cadence and mindset.

i have also made it a collaborative group, so if you have any good jams to throw on there to share, please feel free! guys, feel more than free to offset the spice girls, gaga and katy perry with, well, whatever it is you dudes rock out to during workouts. however, since rev3 is a family friendly group, i made sure to use the radio-edit versions when applicable/possible and ask that you do the same... otherwise i'm gonna have to yank 'em! enjoy!

now off to do the test! it's only 20-min of warm-ups and then basically a 20-min TT but i'm at the point in training where i'd rather do 2-hours of Z2 than go all out for 20-minutes. even though i know it's only a temporary benchmark for HR (since i'm waiting on investing in a PM and don't have a bike computer right now), i can't help but see it as a race/test. no, i don't have competitive issues at all... even against myself...

note: if you don't have spotify already, it's awesome. trust me on this. if they're still requiring invites to get an account, let me know or DM me your email on twitter and i'll send an invite your way.



rev3's run across america

get the trislide and moleskin ready: i've signed up to join the last four days of rev3’s “run across america”, which means i’ll be jumping in with the crew around the knoxville area, shacking up in an RV en route to d.c. and run-run-running my legs off. but more importantly, it means that i'll be part of a phenomenal fundraising and awareness effort to support the Ulman Cancer Fund as they work to support, educate, connect and empower young adult cancer patients and survivors. you can also learn more about them via their website, facebooktwitter or youtube pages.

come next april, i’ll have the honor of joining the ten-person team for a 3121-mile cross-country adventure. the crew plans to start march 26th in oceanside, ca and then spend the next 21 days making the trek to washington, d.c., with the goal of raising over $100,000 along the way.

so why should you care? unfortunately, it's all too common that we have a friend, loved one, co-worker, who's had to fight cancer, all while trying to balance the other responsibilities and minutiae of the day-to-day. and since the Ulman Cancer Fund is doing a rockstar job of both supporting today's cancer survivors and looking to prevent those in the future, this is a group you're going to want to pay attention to. we've all been touched by cancer in some way, and it's time to fight back.

in fact, i'll be running in honor of one tough inspirational mama, who's managed to battle cancer, undergo chemo and hold down her normal tough-as-nails job, all with a positive attitude. she's an inspiration and a reminder that any pain we go through in training, running or triathlon is nothing compared to the hurdles you have to overcome after being diagnosed with cancer.

for all you d.c. peeps, our crew will be arriving in the district on April 16th at georgetown hospital's lombardi cancer center. i hope you'll join us for the after party as we celebrate breaking our $100,000 fundraising goal, gaining support and (hopefully) making it across the country in one piece. i'll be peppering the blog with future updates but i hope at least some of you guys can commit to support such a great cause, whether a small donation, running along the way or just showing up at the finish. it's truly for a cause like no other.

and except for a few minor details*, i guess you could say it will be a little like this:


*those minor details: we're running for a very "particular" reason, charlie's probably not going to look like a homeless forrest gump and instead of red bubba gump trucker hats, we'll be sporting blue rev3 visors. :)