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welcome to the family

this week may have been one of the BEST of my life! while at a 9:30 club concert, i got a missed call from team momma bear carole—so i stepped outside to call her back, hands shaking. i ended up missing the opening band but it was totally worth it: i was too busy happy dancing outside on some somewhat sketchy U street corner to even care.

since then, i have been welcomed into the family and have been welcoming in others with my jaw dropped the entire time at how amazing and supportive and genuinely enthusiastic the entire group has been. i have known for almost a week now and reality still has not quite set in.

let me repeat myself: i will be racing with the 2012 Rev3 triathlon team.... WAHOO!!

after being announced, i received an overwhelming barrage of AMAZING emails, facebook posts and twitter messages from other team members and rev3 supporters. so when i wrote on my facebook wall that i was out of my league… it was because i was so impressed by the enthusiasm and love of my new Rev3 family. the announcements are still underway, but so far i’m joining the stellar existing crew as well as fellow newbies ryan, alisa, elizabeth, erin, dan, susan, tonya, jen and holly! and it all seems to be true: Rev3’s camaraderie and support is second to none!

i’m looking forward to cheering for and learning from the rest of the Rev3 team—whether connected virtually, racing alongside them or cheering from the sidelines. i can’t wait to take on the crazy world of triathlon with a group of individuals all in it for the right reasons and for the long haul: you can tell that everyone on the team loves Rev3, believes in charlie’s mission in developing the race series and can’t wait to see it grow even more than it already has—and i think that the reason that we’re so incredibly invested is because it is a kind of family... and i couldn’t be happier to have been adopted! we're not your typical sleek, well-oiled (cough cough, stuck-up) triathlon team but rather a more realistic portrait: with families, with real jobs, and crazy lives all across the country. in my opinion, and well, duh!, i’m biased, Rev3 has hit the nail on the head for the true portrait of triathlon today. so now i consider it an honor to represent such a quality company alongside such an amazing group of unique and talented individuals—whether they were selected for their sense of humor, their speed or just their uncensored honesty.

so what does this mean for me? 2012 is the officially the year of the Rev! i had already thought about including multiple Revs in my season prior to the big announcement but now i’m ready to go all-in crazy! which is perfect, because i’m one of those adrenaline junkies who far prefers racing to regular old training. as a result, my schedule is currently looking something like this:

  • 3.17 Rev3 Costa Rica Olympic
  • 5.6 Rev3 Knoxville, TN Olympic
  • 6.2 Rev3 Quassy (as a spectator, I think)
  • 6.10 Eagleman Half - Columbia, MD
  • 7.8 Rev3 Portland Half
  • 8.12 Rev3 The Dells, Wisconsin Olympic
  • 8.26 Rev3 Maine Olympic
  • 9.9 Rev3 Cedar Point Half - Sandusky, OH
  • 10.9 Rev3 Anderson, SC Olympic
  • 10.27 Rev3 Florida Half

yes, that is every. single. race. on the Rev3 schedule (so far!) am I obsessed? most definitely. finally going to take full advantage of the 20+ PTO days my company allows!

as far as the rest of the Rev3 details, you NEED to check out the Team Rev3 Triathlon facebook page for the rest of the team announcements, all preceded by some crazy challenge or another. love it!!

finally, if you couldn't tell from the image above, tomorrow is the last day for early bird pricing for Anderson and Portland. honestly, you can't beat those prices for a race of Rev3's caliber. and, finally, for a post that does both of these races far better justice than i could, definitely check out team member laura's blog, Wife Mother Athlete!