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a life without limits

last saturday, one of the local dc/nva bike shops hosted the one and only...

chrissie wellington!!

she was in town promoting her new autobiography, a life without limits, so of course i had to stop by to meet the four-time ironman world champ, undefeated at the ironman distance.

the event had originally promised a talk/Q&A with chrissie but turns out that it got cut down to just a book signing. so i bought my two books (one for me, one for my dad) and then stood in line to meet the legend!

she signed both copies and chatted with me for a second before taking a photo together. she was BEYOND friendly and chatting with everyone but i have to admit that she looked exhausted. although i'd imagine that making small talk with hundred of strangers across the country on a long book tour would be beyond exhausting, particularly for an endurance athlete used to training and racing alone.

as for the book itself, i'm about halfway through but just really starting to get into it. it's fascinating to hear about her early days of triathlon and quick vault from nobody to world champ. i've also been particularly intrigued, in a somewhat masochistic way, reading about brett sutton's TBB team, training techniques and chrissie's experiences there. i'll have the full review in the next week or few depending on how much down-time i have but first impressions so far: I'M HOOKED!

finally, meeting chrissie!!