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cherry blossoms in full force

not gonna lie, i had some trouble walking normally today. that half-marathon took a little more out of me than i had originally thought. so today, to flush out the legs, i took a little tour of the cherry blossoms, currently nearing peak bloom.

the only problem was that everyone else also had the same idea as me. man, was it crowded down around the monuments. to kick off the 70-min tour de dc, i biked from my apartment down 16th (what's up, Mr. President?!), down past the Washington Monument, rounded the tidal basin and then did a few laps of hains point to get away from the cars.

however, the usually car-less hains point was being used as a parking/staging area for the cherry blossoms. in fact, i passed a few cars who were driving while taking photos despite the throngs of people running, biking and roller-blading around the park.

i love the jefferson memorial. i also love how nicely all of the monuments reflect in the tidal basin when the sun is out and shining. gorgeous:

and to give you the full picture of what it's like biking around a cherry blossomed hains point, i tucked my camera in my tank top and made you a little recording. enjoy: