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change of plans

i have so many exciting updates to share with you guys; i don’t even know where to start. but first, the bummer: turns out i will not be joining the last few legs of the rev3 run across the country crew this weekend. i just heard back from the fearless leader laura that the group changed the running shift design for the runners' overall sanity (i.e. breaking up the runs instead of opting for the grueling overnight shifts) but that meant there wouldn't be enough space leftover in the RV for me to join. my coach also pointed out a few weeks back that this might be a risky move if i wanted to get the most out of the first half of my tri season. apparently running your legs off while running across the country does quite a number on your entire body, requiring a big window of recovery (duh).

on that note, let me pause here and say that you need to drop whatever you're doing (yes, even reading this blog) and go check out the Run Across America blog for their amazing updates.  

the pictures are amazing but the runners' stories are even more inspiring. not to mention there are some hilarious hijinks about the RV getting pulled over not once, not twice... but... you'll have to go check the blog out to see how many times they managed to get pulled over by the cops in a single day :)

so while i’m incredibly bummed about not being able to join this amazing and crazy crew, everything happens for a reason, right? instead, i looked at this as an opportunity to sign up for a little early season race—a hilariously-titled sprint down in virginia called the "rumpass in the bumpass" to be exact.

this sunday will be my FIRST EVER sprint race. and while it’s much shorter than my "normal" races, i’m still very nervous. i kind of feel like it’s the 800m of triathlon—short enough where you can’t really use pacing but long enough where you’ll pass out if you go all out the entire time. not to mention, 80% of my training recently has been focused on going long(ish) in prep for my june half-ironman. as i wrote to my coach, “this could be interesting!”

my other big news is, more importantly, what i’ll be wearing this sunday. i got two back-to-back incredibly exciting packages at work and couldn’t be more stoked to rock them this weekend. i want to wait until i can take photos and do a write up that will do each justice, but here’s a little hint:

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

it's gonna be a great weekend!