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what to do if your bike lock spontaneously changes combinations while locked to a guardrail at the Columbia triathlon

step 1: call your dad since last time the lock decided to shift combos, he was able to mcgyver it open and find the new code (one digit off…) step 2: macgyver fail.

step 3: google the nearest home depot:

step 4: survey your selection: 

step 5: opt for the titanium ratchet drive

step 6: hack at the cable unsuccessfully as bystanders give you curious looks. actual quote: “you’re not a very experienced thief, are you?”

step 7: enlist the help of a friendly spectator (and his dog jake)

step 8: clip away, twist the wires, curse a lot, get a full upper body strength work out. ten minutes later…

step 9: mission complete

step 10: rescue your bike… and make your getaway

step 11: mail the max strength clippers to your dad in anticipation of father's day: