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bicycling mag's state of the bike

Bicycling Magazine just posted what might be one of my favorite infographics ever.

the pub took their recent reader survey and compiled feedback into a fantastic four-page infographic that covers everything from reasons to ride to favorite mid-ride fuel to—wait for it—whether men are more likely to shave their legs or go au natural based on the bike they ride. apparently, if i was a man, my legs likely would be silky smooth. it's in their march '12 publication but non-subscribers can also see the full infographic here.

second only to the fact that patrick dempsey is a big-time cyclist and the dubious stat that only 55% of bikers have ever failed to clip out in time, my favorite part might be the featured tips:

  • "ride like you are invisible and motorists are blind.”—lili merritt
  • "it’s always colder than it seems when you’re standing around before the ride. do yourself a favor and layer."—irvin smith
  • "upgrade your body before you start upgrading your bike."—quintin nobleza
  • "don’t forget to bring your front wheel."—jesus vega
  • "don’t be afraid to adjust or replace your seat, bar, stem, or whatever it takes to be comfortable on your bike."—michael w. schick

definitely good ones in there. currently working on #3. the other top tip i would add would be: "when you find a pair of shorts that really work: buy in bulk. " you can quote me on that when i'm famous.

finally, I leave you with this: what’s your bike-stereotype?