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home sweet home!

one tired pup from our early morning runs.

while it was nice being home and seeing my two pups, nick and nora, it wasn't all fun and games. my brother and his fiancee are expect their first child and this weekend was the much anticipated baby shower.

the one thing that i wasn't excited about was that since my sister-in-law-to-be missed out on the traditional wedding, bridal shower, etc. the stakes were high for this baby shower. which, i forgot to mention, i was hosting.

did you know that the greater new orleans area has 11 craft and/or party stores? now you do. within three days of being back in my hometown, i managed to rack up foursquare mayorships at two (yes, two!) craft and party stores.  since there were diaper cakes to be created and party favors to be wrapped, the entire trip was strictly business. no nightly trips to get rowdy at some of my favorite new orleans spots (cough cough pat o's).

the one positive side to the all-work, no-play was that I got to spend a lot of time running—specifically with my two adopted cocker spaniel siblings. we live near a golf course so i'd wake up early, let those puppies loose and we would tear across the dewy greens—well, i would casually jog, while they sprinted in zig zags after every squirrel and scent they could find. after about a mile-and-a-half (those guys have little legs!), i'd drop them back off in the backyard and continue my run after what was a pretty decent warm-up. not a bad way to start your day, right?

in the end, the party was a success, i got to hang with my favorite doggies and while i didn't return to dc as relaxed as refreshed as you would hope to be after a four-day vacation, it was certainly nice to see the fam.