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Running with Santa

Does a 5k warrant a race report? Probably not. But since it was a costume-friendly 5k filled with Santas, I thought I'd share for just the photos alone. photo3

Let's see... woke up way earlier than I would have liked to drive up to Reston, VA in freezing rain. Naively, I thought "hey, maybe I'll do well overall since this rain will probably scare people away." Nope. Showed and up got myself in the packet pickup line pretty early, at least before the line of Santas started to round the block.

After a nice and easy two miles for warm-up, I opted to brave it in tee shirt, shorts and my favorite Pearl Izumi arm warmers. This ended up being a great idea because even in the 40-degree weather, I was toasty by the end of mile 1. And that's why the arm warmers are so great - just ripped them off and rolled them up in my hand.

And then it was your typically terrible and much harder than expected 5k race. I basically felt like I was redlining the entire way (note: this also doubled as my run test so the perfect opp). In the end, it was so uncomfortable that I'd almost rather run a half-marathon off of a HIM bike leg then suffer through another! Finished in 21:15—bummer because I had hoped to break 21-minutes, but not terrible for the sort-of-off-season.

For a cool down, I then jogged the course backward and got a good look at some of the hilarious costumes. Plenty of Santas, elves, red and green tutus, as well as a random penguin. Next time I guess I'll have to plan my race day costume a little better...




Tis the Season

Let's be real: one of the main reasons I have this blog is to entertain myself during the 15-min metro ride to work. That being said, here's a non-triathlon related post too good to pass up. On Saturday, I ventured out with a couple of friends to go cut down our own Christmas trees. We found a nice place just outside Germantown, MD (Butler's Orchard) and so took a little drive to escape the big city.


First off, the trip required FORDING a stream in my tiny car. Let's just say the entire crew held our breath for that one. But once we got out to the field, it was a fantastic $54 flat for any tree out there. They handed us a little saw and we set off in search of our perfect Christmas trees. I very quickly found mine:


Just kidding - it was a little on the large side. I actually decided that I would skip the tree this year and instead go for the wreath/garland combo to keep things simpler. My mission then turned to helping my favorite couple find the perfect tree for their little apartment.

Once the perfect tree was spotted, our burly lumberjack got down and dirty trying to hack down the tree:


And then the adorable couple and their dinky third wheel (moi) trekked back across the field to go bundle the tree up and throw it on the car. Seriously guys, this may be the cutest photo I have ever taken:


Only problem was that my little convertible is not exactly built for hauling Christmas trees. As a result, we got a little innovative as we tried to secure the tree to the car...


And of course the drive home was hilarious. Plenty of waves, smiles and honks and we tore past with the top down and a Christmas tree jutting out the back. If only we had Santa hats and Christmas music blaring, it would have been absolute perfection. Luckily we made it home safely with our precious cargo and I went about decorating my apartment with the garland (only $15 for a crazy amount) while drinking hot fresh apple cider and snacking on freshly picked apples from the Butler's Orchard farm. MMMmmmm I love Christmas.

While it's no Christmas tree, I think my masterpiece(s) turned out nicely: