Game Changer

Heading into Kona, I had the awesome opportunity to sit down and chat with the local ABC station WLOS here in Asheville about my trip to the Ironman World Championships and last year's "incident"! Surprisingly, there *are* people who still watch the nightly news because my dad's friend called me a "movie star" and the guys who helped move me before and after the race told me they saw me on the news! Filming this was a blast, minus the part that I forgot to pack my front skewer so was a liiiittle risky out there on the veloway! Enjoy!

Asheville, Greenville athletes to compete in Kona

Elizabeth and I were featured in the local paper as two of the local athletes (and riding partners!) heading to Kona! A great article on both of our experiences in triathlon. Thank you Karen Chavez for a great chat and article!

Asheville, Greenville athletes to compete in Kona

As you can see, the #OCDSherpa ran out and bought plenty of extra copies to go around.

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