Where did summer go?

Who has time for blogs anymore? Reading them, writing them... bookmarking them with the intention of going back to read them later? With all the other forms of social media, sometimes the good ol' blog just seems a little silly and self-indulgent. 

That being said, I frequently think of things to share with you guys, only to get side-tracked and lose the time. Now, sidelined with a chest infection after a whirlwind 16 hours of travel, including a 1am red-eye from hell, for about 48 hours in Colorado for work, I have a few minutes to sit down and unload. 

This season has been a bit of a disappointment. Every time I start to find a solid rhythm, I seem to have a freak injury and slice my foot open in T2 in France or get attacked by a dog. Or my bike has some weird issue that forces me to cut a ride short and hitchhike home with a guy with cigarettes and a gun on the center console of his truck. Or I get sick and am sidelined because I'm hacking up a lung and have completely lost my voice.

On a brighter note, here's a gratuitous booty shot: 

But oddly enough some of these negative things have forced me to shift focus and I'll be taking a slightly different approach to training and racing in the coming months. Brian and I sat down to chat about the season only a day after he shellacked me on a ride (to be fair, I had hung with the big dogs and set some Strava PRs the day before on our epic group ride that included some UHC riders and a ProTour Olympian, NBD).

I feel lucky to work with someone as invested in his athletes as Brian. We had a great chat and I'm already stoked about the direction of the remainder of my season and next year. I'll probably share more on that later.  

Oh, and I bought a house! So that has been one incredibly positive distraction amid everything else that has been keeping me from the kind of training I want. Let me tell you, 14 days for due diligence, with closing the next day is S T R E S S F U L. I was so happy to move in, though the lack of A/C has made trainer rides nearly impossible and has definitely lead to some serious (unintentional) heat acclimation as I work all day from home in upwards of 80-degree inside temps.

A few months ago, I promised I would take you along with me on my journey to be a more present and organized triathlete. While life got in the way of that (clearly, if you haven't noticed my mania and general disorganization at times...), I have picked up a few habits I'm going to start to share and am going to start my monthly focus on tackling one thing at a time.

Next up, queued up in the list of posts and scheduled to go out shortly, is my latest productivity craze (and crutch). I'll share how I use one simple (and cheap!) tool to:

  • juggle working 40-50 hours a week as a full-time Consultant
  • train upwards of 20 hours a week
  • avoid living in a total pigsty
  • managed to get (relatively) good sleep
  • still have a social life,
  • and remember to feed my dog.

Stay tuned! I'll leave you with this majestic photo of my pal who helps keep me in check too: