Perfecting the Everyday Omelette

I just realized I never published my post for video #2 from Amateur Hour in the kitchen, the series that Susan of Endurance Zone and I are working to film and share every few weeks. 

Personally I love eating scrambled, fried, hard-boiled eggs—quick, healthy and pretty hard to mess up. But omelettes have always befuddled me a tiny bit, just in that they never taste quite as fluffy or look as pretty as the kind you get at brunch.

Here, Susan helps me tackle the tips and tricks of a basic omelette, occasionally jumps in to take over and I make bad triathlon jokes about our mise-en-place and about chopping veggies. Enjoy! 

And if you're more of a words kind of person, you can find the link to the post here. What would you put in your omelette? 

PS We know we're totally awkward... we're working on it :)