Spring is here... finally! The sun is shining, it's not as hard waking up at 5:45am to get to the pool since it's no longer 20-degrees out and the unfortunate tan lines are starting to re-appear. And in the spirit of new beginnings, we're going to try something new here. 

One of my favorite things about social media is the slew of inspiring, interesting and quirky things you find or people share. I tend to email these links to myself, bookmark them in cluttered folders in Chrome or send them to Pocket (which I coincidentally never remember to re-open and read).

Instead of squirreling these away to never read again, I'm going to share some of these with you every few weeks.  It will be a mix of things falling into the triathlon and cycling worlds, the success/self-improvement bucket or just the category of "this is cool, other people might like it too".

Have something you think might be good here? Send it my way! Take a browse and let me know what you think!

The amazing Gwen Jorgenson on talent, drive and success in cyclist Phil Gaimon's new podcast "The Peloton Brief"

Does anyone else struggle to fall asleep the night after a tough workout? I know I do. Ella Cycling shares how to sleep after a hard workout

To Push or Settle: A look at Passion and Relentless Drive on the Science of Running.

Hits rather close to home given #50WomentoKona: the US Women's National Soccer Team is currently fighting for equality.

Jess Lively and Gary Vaynerchuk on hustle and prioritizing what is key for you, even if it means cutting back on other parts of your life.

The controversy surrounding cycling's latest "Podium Boys". Equally offensive or a step forward... what do you think? 

Say goodbye to the Snooze Button with the 10-3-2-1-0 trick. Maybe I'll stop missing masters at least once every week now. 

Spray-on Nail polish: too good to be true? Or best way to match your race kit? 

Good reminder for all of us: how to keep your bike in top-notch condition (pro tip: clean bikes are faster bikes!) 

Could you get on board with "No Garmin, No Rules"? 

Incorporating regular meal planning has done wonders for my nutrition and energy levels. Here's a primer to get started.

And something we could all learn from: on making the most of minimal free time

And that's all I've got, folks! My older brother and his family are in town and he has figured out the best way to get my four-year-old niece to behave since she doesn't respond to time-outs: push-ups! I think it sounds mean but she now behaves like a princess when he threatens her with push-ups... cruel or genius, I can't decide! But girl's gonna be jacked!