Amateur Hour in the Kitchen

Ever since moving to Asheville and becoming friends with Susan, I have been spoiled. You see, she is a professional chef and runs the site "Endurance Zone". And in comparison I may be the world's worst cook. No, seriously, I so much as turn on a burner or open the microwave, and Lucy runs to hide in the bedroom. 

I wish I was kidding. 

Over the last few months, Susan has been helping me become a little braver in the kitchen, whether coaching me through one of her delicious (and healthy!) recipes or suggesting fun meal ideas for a mid-week dinner date. 

The thing is there are probably tons of other triathletes like me who are better at riding bikes than roasting veggies and could use some help. With that in mind, we recently filmed our first instructional cooking video—coming soon to a web browser near you! 

Our premise is that Susan, a professional chef, walks a clueless professional triathlete (yours truly) through the show's recipe and offers tips to make quality cooking attainable for even the most amateur of chefs. I would like to think I'm her sous chef but pretty sure I'm really only there for the comedic relief/to ask the silly questions. Finally, Maggs is the director/videographer to round out our dream team! 

Our first video was a delicious roasted chicken on top of an amazing roasted tomato and herb pasta. The entire recipe was a lot easier than I expected and on top of that, we also learned the following: 

  • how to easily peel garlic—without using your hands!
  • the chiffonade cutting technique for nicely-sliced herbs
  • how to truss a chicken!

I wish you could taste how delicious this dish was and how fun/easy it was to make! As a reformed vegetarian, I was particularly proud of our beautifully trussed and herbed bird and how it turned out—despite some inappropriate chamois cream jokes made during the process... you'll just have to watch to see!

Always the professional food blogger, Susan was sure to get some beautiful shots for her blog to go along with our video:

We have some ideas and future dishes planned for the coming months, as well as some research to improve our on-film delivery! (a little Chopped, anyone?) There were definitely some awkward moments, bloopers and presentation issues we will be working through as we roll out more videos! But it's all in good fun so don't judge us too harshly, 'kay?

What types of dishes would you like to see featured on the show?