Asheville Cyclocross Nationals

Last weekend was Cyclocross Nationals right here in Asheville. Everyone applauded it as the best Nationals race yet held in the U.S. A big part of that was the challenging and very technical aspect of the course. Some of the local Asheville Cross folks helped set it up and I can attest that it was in fact quite killer.

It featured a ton of climbing, one particularly technical drop-in that knocked quite a few people off their bike (myself included), a sweet steep fly-over, some off-camber climbing, some wooded rooty sections, some slip-slidy muddy sections and some grueling run-ups that allowed the crowd to really get into their heckling. You also rode through a barn. So that was pretty awesome. 

Basically, everyone could not stop talking about what a great show Asheville put on for Nationals this year. For the elite race, there were spectators hanging from the trees, folks heckling athletes and the crowd alike and plenty of Sierra Nevada on tap. Yeah, we do it up!

I raced in the non-championship category on Tuesday for kicks but the highlight had to be watching the top pros race on Sunday as Maggs and I braved the frigid cold to cheer from the sidelines. While I was bummed I forgot my nice camera, I did manage to catch a few with my iPhone.

Here are a few of my favorites!


More thoughts on racing to come but if you have never gone to watch a cross race, it is a definite must. So much fun and such a different atmosphere than your usual triathlon or running race.