Alto Cycling

I am BEYOND excited to announce a new sponsor that I'll be working with for 2016 and hopefully beyond: Alto Cycling!

When I started riding with a bunch of local guys this summer, I couldn't help but notice the Alto wheels of one of the faster guys in the bunch. I started asking him about them and learned that they rode even better than they looked (meaning they handle like none other) and were an up and coming company with ties to Asheville. 

Flash forward a few months and I am now working with Alto Cycling! The company was founded by Bobby Sweeting and Shawn Gravois—two bad-ass engineers and former professional cyclists who have worked with some of the best companies in the cycling world. So not only do they know how best-in-class equipment needs to feel and perform, they know exactly how to make it happen.

I got my new A26 wheel set just in time to kick off my Festive 500, perfect timing to test out these bad boys! The A26 is their aluminum all-around clincher for training and racing. The last few days it has been wet out on the roads so I have been riding a bit too cautiously to really try them on for size but so far I am in love!

On a far-from-scientific note, I was able to keep up better than usual on our last tough group ride, so maybe that's a start ;) Ever since I've moved to Asheville I've been riding more aggressively on the hills and descents so it's nice to know that they are truly best in class and I have wheels that can keep up with me!

Come race season, I'm even more excited to try out the CT86s, definitely a HUGE upgrade for me. These are their carbon tubulars with some of the best technology in the market. I was reading some of the more technical details about the hubs in particular, which admittedly went slightly over my head. However, here goes: the wheels are all hand-built, with rims built specifically to match the hubs—as a result you get increased rim balance and decreased rim deflection, which means incredibly stiff wheels that don't cause you to lose as much power as your standard wheel when generating force from the hub during acceleration (aka pedaling).

Check out the hubs in action here:

In layman's terms: basically they went all-out to get amazing performance packed into these wheels.

If you have any questions about Alto Cycling or either or these wheels, would love to chat! Or check them out here: I'll be sharing more thoughts and feedback about them in the coming weeks, for sure!