Adult Spring Break!

A few weeks ago, before the infamous bicycle-icicle incident (that I'll probably get grief over the rest of my life), I spent the long President's Day Weekend down in Panama City Beach with Chloe and Maggs. Maggs and I drove down early Friday morning for some training, racing, wine and fun in some *slightly* warmer weather than we've been enjoying up here in North Carolina. Some highlights...

Crazy pups STANLEY AND STELLA!! After doting on them over on Insta so long it was great to finally meet these silly pups in person. Stella is the sweetest ever and Stan the Man is just a wild child :)


Swimming in an OUTDOOR POOL for the first time in months! The pool was also slightly salty so made for an amazing sunset swim after a long drive.



On Saturday morning, the three of us trekked over to Destin for a speedy little Valentine's Day 8K race where I came in 3rd overall with a 33:50. Granted Hillary had me run a nice little eight mile "warm-up", which made those last few miles reaallllly hurt, but was a great training day and fun to drop some fast times. The best part was a nice little post-race party right on the gorgeous gulf.


If only it had been warmer, the water looked so nice!!


Post-race we walked around some of the cute seaside towns including Seaside, where "The Truman Show" was filmed and everything about the town was picture-perfect. This was another little neighboring town with a design inspired by old Cuba. Beautiful architecture! Chloe also knows literally EVERYONE within a 50-mile radius of PCB/Destin so we were treated to the best little sampler plate at one of the restaurants in town.


But before we came home to Chloe's V-day Dinner with her hubs that Maggs and I were crashing we considered picking him up a little (super-classy) PBC-style man gift.... but later opted for a griddle instead :)


There was also some amazing riding with the girls, where I knocked out my first 100-miler of the year along some of the Ironman Florida course!


Got to chase two bright yellow and blue Betties!


And take in the awesome views...


And then closed it off Monday morning with a little ride to a Coffee and Donut truck down the coast. All in all, an amazing long weekend down in Florida!