I actually did write this in Kona but never got around to publishing so…. I’m finally posting my Norseman blog: I’m in KONA!!!! One of my favorite times of year: race week at the Ironman World Championships! But before we start down that amazing road, some unfinished business I need to catch up on:

Without all the lingering work to dos on my plate for two six-hour plane rides (perk/drawback of working entirely in the cloud—no wifi, no work!!), I have… drumroll please!!... finally finished my Norseman race report! It’s a doozy, mostly because I wanted to capture everything for my own memories, but also provide enough info for any athlete thinking about whether to make the leap and register for the lottery. It’s all pre-written but I’ve broken it out it chunks since otherwise the novel might be too thick to digest. Yeah, it’s four posts worth. No shame, soak it up.

First though, if you don’t trust my writing ability to accurately convey the feel and atmosphere of the day, here’s the official Norseman Video that came out recently:

Or Graeme Stewart's video, in which I make a cameo:

And below are links to my individual reports (will be linked as posted online):

Norseman Swim

(click title for post)

Norseman Bike

(click title for post)

Norseman Run

(click title for post)

So sit back, enjoy and remember that I’ll be channeling all of these memories of icy fjords, freezing rain and shivers and chattering teeth in about five days as I’m cruising down the Queen K under the mid-day Kona sun.


Tusen Takk (Thank You) to:

  • The Norseman Crew for dreaming up and supporting this crazy adventure
  • The many athletes and admirers of Norseman that I’ve been lucky enough to meet and get to know over the past few months; we share a special bond unlike any other on the triathlon circuit.
  • Blue Bicycles and Steve Harad for hooking me up with the BEST bike a girl could ask for. I could not be more obsessed with my Triad SL Di2; it’s speedy, responsive, super comfortable to the point where I feel like I’m an extension of the bike (nay, machine) when I’m riding. Plus, the Di2 was a godsend on that course. I’ve got a serious #bluecrusch.
  • Smashfest Queen for kitting me up in the most comfortable and stylish race kit ever to battle the elements… I can’t tell you how many comments I got (and still get) on-course. Hillary and Michele are two of the most forward-looking ladies in the triathlon world and I’m excited to be part of the growing #smash empire.
  • Motion Makers in Asheville for helping provide a bike fit worthy of such a rock star bike and excellent customer service always!

Lastly and most importantly, Tusen Takk to

  • My parents for being such a dogged and motivational support crew, whether handing off bottles in the pouring rain or holding my hand in the ICU, I am so thankful to have their support and love when it comes to my new—and seemingly insane—“hobby” and passion.
  • Hillary for working with such a stubborn and slightly scatterbrained athlete who thinks it’s wise to move 2,000 miles between two Ironmans only 4 weeks apart. Clearly something’s working because HPB and what I like to think of as her “black magic” clearly seem to be working for me and I'm STOKED to see what the future holds!!!

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