My parents sent the sweetest email two days ago, something that will be a good reminder all day tomorrow. No commentary, just Copy and Paste and Love.


If the forecast holds and temperatures are 77 to 83, then you should have a great race.  Think about all of the issues during the Norseman and how you were able to work through and overcome the problems.

At Kona: No sleeping on the bike.  No hankie potty stops.  No freezing rain; freezing wind; freezing fog.  No misdirects on where the climb ends - Soon …, I think.  No waiting in the transition zone for your lame support team.  No scramble hand-over-hand up a gravel scree in the fog to finish.

If you have milder conditions, Kona will be a ride in the park (no oncoming cars as in Austin and Norway) compared to Norseman.  One warning, either through you or directly, I will ask that, regularly during the last few miles, Hillary ask you inane questions.  Where do you live?  (Nowhere at the moment.)  Who is your dog's best friend? (Ricky)  Spell Caipirinha.  How do you say toilet paper in Norwegian?

Hiya, Hiya Turquoise Girl. Mom and Dad


See y'all at the finish.