Life Lately: Country Roads

One little overlooked fact in the few posts I shared between New Orleans this April to Norseman earlier this month (August - whoah, where does the time go?!) is that I moved to Asheville, North Carolina! As much as I loved Austin, Asheville is the one place I have been dying to live almost my entire life. When the opportunity to become a remote employee for my company popped up, I took it and ran! In May, some time around the Rev3 Knoxville race that I never got around to blogging about, I spent a few weeks living in New Orleans (saying goodbye to my grandmother) and then was camped out in Asheville to train, race and confirm how much I wanted to move here. While it was fun being a temporary nomad, it was even better when I could make the move official. In the few days after Coeur d'Alene, I packed up my entire Austin apartment and headed for the hills: two days, a U-Haul and 18-hours of driving later, I was back in NC! Granted, that might not have been the best move with only 33-days between CDA and Norseman but I figured that in the last few weeks of ramping up to Norseman, it wouldn't hurt to have the hilly terrain on hand for training purposes.

So my silence over the past few months has mostly been a reflection of the fact that between switching jobs at work, moving nearly 2000 miles and then some pretty massive training in prep for Norseman, most of my free time has been spent on the couch in a daze, probably scrolling mindlessly through twitter. And sharing pictures - twitter, insta and facebook galore! - lots more exciting stuff over on those platforms lately than here, to be honest. I've also been leaking some of the amazing shots coming out of Norseman but hopefully will get them all in one place when I finally get around to that full race recap. :)

But North Carolina!


I mean, forget the corner office... how can you beat this view? I'm actually moving to town this weekend but it has been fun having my work desk al fresco (yes, even in the rain - the porch is protected), complete with freshly picked wildflowers from the backyard and being able to hop straight off a call or whenever the workday is over, to get to another kind of "work". Can you guess which I prefer? ;)

Asheville also happens to mean rides with friends and in the past few weeks I've been lucky to tag along with Maggs, Lora and Heath for some fun rides in the area.

Plus the whole "working from home" part—haven't touched a blow dryer or make-up in a few weeks, no commute and my wardrobe is exclusively lululemon—is particularly helpful when your "hobby" has the time commitment of a part-time job and the exhaustion levels of someone working an 80hr work week.

And then I get to puppy sit not only Lucy but also the pack: my parents fur-kids Nick and Nora and their recent adoptee Liberty from my brother, plus the neighbor's dog Ricky when he comes over to play. It's a total zoo around here at times... I've had to become really good at putting myself on mute during conference calls to cover up the occasional outburst over food or chasing the deer that sometimes peek out on the edge of the tree line.


I can't say the motivation is entirely back post-Norseman—there may or may not have been a "long" ride this last weekend where I crashed and burned only two hours in and opted for a nap instead—but we're getting there and Kona is looming... last I checked we're at 38 days!