HPB Camp, Day 0


"Camp". I don't know if that's necessarily the right word to describe the next five days. As a former camper and counselor of the "little cabins in the woods" type of camp-camp, the first thing that comes to my mind are canoes, campfires and obnoxious songs for every situation imaginable. Instead, "pre-season" might be more appropriate. At least that's how I'm choosing to think of it. Back in my college volleyball  days, we had a two week period filled with two-a-days, usually 3-4-hours long in length, or the max of whatever what deemed allowable by NCAA standards. This was our "pre-season" and it was always a grueling, focused block where you did nothing but eat, sleep and train. Not surprisingly, I LOVED pre-season, more so than regular in-season practices.

There was the focus on volume, reps, with all other distractions removed and max playing time for all. Basically the goal was to get everyone primed and ready for Day 1 of the official season.You obviously had to come in fit to keep up, but the two-week span was the perfect time to 1) benchmark where you were in terms of technique, speed and strength, and 2) figure out the rough edges, more exposed by exhaustion, that you had to work on in the coming weeks.

Sounding a bit familiar? This is what this weekend's HPB camp has been in the back of my mind recently: 1) to see where my body is, physically, at this point in the season and 2) to work with Hillary to figure out my rough edges as take-away projects for post-camp when I'm back in Austin. But most importantly, maybe, is that I'm hoping this will be a nice kick-in the pants. Driving over I started talking races with Dawn as we drove through nothing West Texas and realized April, and my first half-Iron, was not as far away as it was seeming. Hopefully this weekend is about bench-marking myself from where I know I should and can be and taking that away as motivation for the next 6-7 weeks leading up to NOLA 70.3.

Packing for an adventure like this also includes a pack job that slightly resembles an explosion - SO MUCH GEAR!


We have a full schedule on tap and while I don't usually post my workouts - for me, Hillary and the occasional teammate only!! - I'm excited to share a little bit of the next few days, especially during down time while I'm stuck in my Normatec boots - I can promise you those will be heavily utilized across the long weekend!

I have a swim scheduled for tomorrow with some other athletes coached by Hillary and then camp "officially" starts with a group run tomorrow afternoon. Usually I have trouble sleeping before a big, exciting day but since I was up at 3:30am to drive to San Antonio to meet Dawn for our trek from San Antonio to Tucson, I am ready to hit the hay and get camp started. That's not to say the journey wasn't interesting -- it was an epic 11-hour + drive that included some backtracking, some of the heaviest fog I've seen, a border patrol stop, WAYY too much tri gossip and temperatures ranging from 29 to 75 -- but I was so happy to finish and get out of the car. Bedtime soon, game time tomorrow!