Planning Your 2014 Season?


I feel like this is the time of year that a lot of people start looking to fatten up the rest of their race season. While I already have my biggies locked down, I'm also starting to think about what other races I want to do – whether as a tune-up, to visit some of my favorite friends and triathletes across the country or just for an excuse to visit a certain location. As a lot of you probably know, I have a lot of experience with the Rev3 race series and these are my “go tos” when it comes to filling out the season. You can check out the full list here but the races below are the ones I’ve been lucky enough to experience myself over the past few years.

This year I’m hoping to be at Knoxville, Quassy, Anderson and Florida this year but can easily speak to any of the other races! Happy to answer any questions but all come highly recommended! Making the short list, Wisconsin, Florida and Knoxville are probably three of my all-time favorite triathlons ever.


Rev3 Knoxville

Olympic, Half, Championship - May, 18th 2014

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My first Rev3 experience and 2014 would have been year number three in a row if not for breaking my collarbone last year. Yes, there’s the extra special championship for the Rev3 AG series that I’ll be racing in, but there’s still the original Olympic and Half bread-and-butter distances for folks who didn't get the chance to qualify. The swim is a chilly (usually) wetsuit legal river swim that loops under the Henley Street Bridge smack in downtown Knoxville. The bike is a fun and beautiful course that takes you through the back hills of Knoxville and then the run is a flat and fast one.

Rev3 Williamsburg

Olympic, Half - June 15, 2014

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I LOVED this course when I raced the Olympic last year. I didn’t notice the strong current from the rains the night before, bombed down through the (seemingly all-downhill) bike course and was definitely challenged by the big hill on the back half of the run. Last year there were a few small glitches from it being an inaugural races but the chatter is that Rev3 is doubling down efforts to make Williamsburg shine since it’s a bit of a “backyard” race for the Virginia-based company. Rev3 already offered discounts to some folks who raced last year, is planning to totally modify the swim course (despite the fact that the 2013 current was a bit of a fluke due to the massive storm the night before) and move the expo, T2 and finish line to a completely new location. It basically sounds like they’re keeping all of my favorite parts of the race and making a few logistical changes that will make for an even better, flawless event! Plus you're in downtown Williamsburg and right in William & Mary's backyard.

Rev3 Wisconsin

Olympic, Half - June 22nd, 2014

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My first overall win back in 2012! First off, the swim venue is the absolute best: everyone congregates in the open air amphitheater that overlooks a boat show course. The bike was a fun course with a bit of a roller-coaster feel to it: lots of ups and downs and no true grueling climbs. The run then takes you through parts of the Wisconsin Dells, which (I was originally unaware of) is a massive waterpark town. Seriously, it’s like a kid’s summer dream… then you’re right in the vicinity of Devil’s Lake, which is beautiful and a great post-race place to explore. The only thing I could not get on board with was the German-themed brotworst at the post-race food tent... ;)

Rev3 Anderson

Olympic, Half - October 12th, 2014

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This is probably one of the best races in the Carolina regions that you can ask for! My own experience was not a great one since I was in the middle of a tough three races over four weeks in a row stint and had a personal crisis/near-death-in-the-family the day before the race... but my flukey experience aside, it’s a great one-lap swim venue, hilly but fair bike course and gentle rolling run course. I know it ranks up there with some of the other Rev3 team member's favorite courses.

Rev3 Florida

Olympic, Half - November 9th, 2014

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Up there as one of my all-time favorite races! I even raced the inaugural year when the swim was cancelled due to a passing hurricane and still had a blast doing only 2/3 of the course. Flat, fast fast fast and through small-town Florida with parts of the bike and run alongside some great coastal views makes for a great experience. On the run course, I even saw a pair of manatees swimming side by side as we ran along a waterway. The older (aka retiree) volunteers are also super sweet and make for amazing on-course cheerleaders! The best part is it’s late season and right on the beach so you really get the vacation feel, even though it’s a race weekend.


Lastly, I haven’t done it yet but am planning on racing Quassy in June – mainly to get a taste of the infamous hills that everyone talks about – and have heard great things about the plans for the new Morgantown and Pocono Mountain races!