3M Marathon: an Itemized List


This is by far the most epic swag bag imaginable. I haven't even raced yet and already ready to sign up for 2015, just so I can get my yearly allowance of crafting and DIY supplies. Maybe it plays to my appreciation for the practical but it doesn't get better than this: photo (1)

Itemized List of the 2014 3M Half-Marathon Swag Bag:

  1. One race bib, guaranteed entry into the 3M half-marathon. (I'm #1628 but don't waste your time tracking what's essentially going to be a training progress check-in run).
  2. One "Run Fast" tech tee, medium, navy blue. Women's specific sizing so looks like it will fit a 12-year-old child. My "get to race weight" assault continues...
  3.  One roll of "game play"-themed duct tape, with hangman, tic-tac-toe and other fun doodles.
  4. Two rolls of Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape, heavy-duty grade.
  5. One roll of Scotch gloss-finish MultiTask Tape.
  6. One Futuro Wrist Sleep Support Wrist Brace.
  7. One tube of General Purpose Scotch Super Glue
  8. One package of 60-count Nexcare Active Extra Cushion bandages.
  9. One Scotch Pop-Up Refillable Tape Dispenser
  10. One mini paper desk calendar
  11. One package of neon-colored Post It Notes, Super Sticky
  12. Five sheets of Wet or Dry Sandpaper
  13. One roll of 2 Layer Compression System padding (whatever that is)
  14. One pair of Virtua AP Anti-fog Lens protective eyewear
  15. One container of Avagard Instant Hand Anti-septic
  16. Two packages of Nexcare Bandaids
  17. One set of TaperFit2 earplugs
  18. One ScotchBrite Lint Roller
  19. One 3M Marathon coaster of some sort
  20. One Texas-Shaped, 3M Half Marathon-branded Post-it Pad
  21. One Mini Towel that will get great use as a bike rag
  22. One Save the Date Magnet for next year's race... that I will definitely be keeping so I can sign up for this race next year.

*Should note: no affiliation with 3M or the race, other than a long-time love for colorful Post-It notes and DuctTape.