Norseman Prep


It has begun. Well, not for me, necessarily, but for my parents. Of course my Norseman training is already in progress but plenty of other milestones to focus on leading up to the August race. My parents, however, have decided to make it their mission to be my race day sherpas. I secretly think my mom is just using it as motivation to get herself back in shape but, hey, I'm not complaining.

After two years of me racing solo, they first came to see me in Mont Tremblant and then again in Kona - and I absolutely loved having them there for support.

Case in point: Mom cheering from the road (dad taking photos):



It turns out that the only way I can get them to come to races is if it's in a spectacular location so the minute they heard "Norway", they were all for it.

The day after Christmas we went for a family jog, Luckily I had an easy run on tap after a hard eleven the day before (Christmas run!) and got to tag along with my parents. We started out with a mile of walking and then did about 2.5-miles at 9:20-9:30 pace. Let me tell you, my mom was CHARGING ahead. My dad and I were chatting for the first mile or so but then he got quiet and so then I decided to be the cheerleader/comic relief from the back for the second half, yelling out Garmin paces, mile splits and motivational nonsense. We finished our 2.5 miles and then I continued on to finish my easy jog while they walked it in for cool-down.

Thankfully my brother wasn't there - otherwise it would have been a half-mile easy with mom and dad and then us two kids gutting it out for a sprint finish back to the house... trust me, it's happened before on a "friendly" jog.

But this little run has me feeling good about my sherpas getting in Norseman shape along with me. Now if only I can escape to North Carolina with them this summer - the road up to their house is about 2-miles long and nearly as steep as Mt. Gaustatoppen. I could imagine some loooong hill workouts would be good for the heart and legs.