Getting the Confidence Back


I've been back training for a few weeks now, but definitely holding back a bit: slower paces, wimpy swim times, just off my game. In fact, on harder swim sets, I have a loop playing through my mind where I flip turn, black out and start to drown—a weird fear that means my training has suffered some as a result. Last week, however, was a bit of a turning point. Mike, from my favorite shop Jack & Adams and a 2012 Kona Inspired athlete invited me on a little morning run last Thursday.

While the six-person crew all started together, we pretty quickly splintered into two separate groups and it was clear which one I was going to end up running in (hint: the slower one). But for the first mile or so, it was a bit of a "pinch me" moment... not every day do you later look at your Strava feed and see this :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.47.38 PM

Let me tell you, he was looking FAST.

Getting to chase a legend (regardless of doping status) will certainly push you so I ended up with a semi-respectable 5 miles—something I was especially happy with given the time I took off. This was the kick in the pants I needed to transition into a great week of training, including a swim set where I hit a number of 200s right around a "magic" number for me, a long ride where my legs finally felt like they got their mojo back and a tough run with enough hill repeats to have me doubled over at the top of each climb.

All in time for.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... my second shot at the infamous HPB 100x100 set! It's currently scheduled for New Year's Eve and just the right way to send off 2013 with a bang!

How is everyone's return from off-season looking? I find that it takes about 2-3 weeks of consistent training until I feel like myself again - good reminder to stick to it after coming back after a break!