Taking it Easy


Not a ton of updates, mostly because there hasn't been a ton of training and triathlon going on here. I'm officially back from doctor-ordered rest and swim-bike-running but still taking it easy. Last week included a little work trip west to San Francisco for the week. San Fran is one of my favorite cities so I was pretty bummed to be stuck schlepping around from conference room to conference room all week with little time to explore the city.

I did get in some runs early on in the week, including this fun run in Monday where I ran down to the bay, not quite remembering the uphill slog that I'd have to pay for on the return trip.

First took in the sights down by the water:


Before attempting the return trip:


Talk about sore quads and glutes after that workout!

As for the conference itself, I learned a lot of nerdy, tech stuff, listened to numerous awesome speakers, including Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg, and represented my company/team as we won a pretty significant award for our work on the platform.

I also happened to wear my new Basis watch across the five days I was in SF. I'm hoping to post a full review soon, but was amazed at just how much walking I actually did while running around the conference. My PR on one of the days was easily 12k steps (not counting my morning run) and nearly two hours of walking. I primarily bought the watch for its HR, skin temp and sweat rate sensors but am actually finding the step count to be the most interesting. In comparison, when I'm at work... it's far cry from reaching the considered ideal 10k steps/day.

This day was pretty standard across the week - up early, go-go-go all day and then still out and about much later than my normal bedtime:

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.16.49 PM

Coming home though I was W I P E D, including a lost voice and some sort of cold, and so the last few days have been spent curled up on the couch with lots of tea. Oh, and this little fur ball:


Meet Chula. She's a former hunting dog I'm taking care of for the week while her regular foster family is away for Thanksgiving vacation. She's a super sweetie (and currently up for adoption here) and so we're making the most of snuggletime in this dreary winter weather.

She's a former bird dog—worked on a large hunting farm before she was dumped when her hearing got bad... so terrible!!—so we did have a 20-minute stand-off with some pigeons yesterday when I tried to walk with her to go get coffee.

She also likes to observe while I'm on the trainer. Friday night I had a set that included some intervals and on the easies she would come up to me from pets.


I'm currently working up the courage to go for a swim in this freezing rain (the one time Austin's lack of indoor pools bums me out) and Chula is currently zonked out from our morning run. Winter just started here in Texas and I'm already ready for it to be summer again—am I the only one?