Team HPB does Kona


After the trailer, I couldn't leave you hanging, could I? Without further ado, parts I and II with the Kona girls of Team HPB. All videos courtesy of the talented Alyssa:

Leslie & Maggie:


Alyssa & Julie (feat. the CAT!)


I'll be looking to these Kona veterans for inspiration as I take on the big island for the first time tomorrow. Plenty of other thoughts and updates to come about the lead up to race day, but first wanted to provide a quick Aloha from Hawaii. Clearly loving it here...


If for some reason you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night and want to track me tomorrow, I'm number #2083. You can either head on over to IronmanLive or check out the IronTrac app (which I personally recommend). IronmanLive will also have other footage of the pro race if you want to follow along here. Pro Tip: use the link above, don't google "IM Live"... which I have made the mistake of doing on multiple occasions.