I'm laying in bed, Normatecs on, listening to waves crash and keeping my eye out for dolphins: 20131008-065557 To say I was in heaven would be an understatement. This place is swarming with history and legends, only exacerbated by the fact that I've probably watched every rebroadcast since mid-1980s that I could find on YouTube. It's weird how familiar these spots seem--Palani hill, Dig Me, stretches of the Queen K--despite never having set foot here before. It's rather magical.

20131008-065809 I've also gotten to finally meet Hillary and the rest of her crew and swim the course with them (salty!) and take my QR out for a spin on the Queen K. My parents dropped me off in Waikolua and I rode the 25ish mile stretch back to town, loving every minute. Yes, it was windy but I didn't experience the oppressive heat I was imagining out there in the lava fields (guessing a summer regularly training in 103- and 105- degree heat will do that to you) and the hills reminded me of a gentler version of the Parmer route we have down in Austin. Granted I didn't make the trip up to Hawi but so far I am love love loving the bike course!

Folks are starting to trickle into Kona and the excitement is definitely building. Still can't get over being here, someone please pinch me.