Special Needs

At Ironman Mont Tremblant, I was a bit perplexed by special needs. To be honest, I kind of forgot it existed until getting all of my plastic drop bags during race check-in. Then on race day I didn’t want to deal with the stops and didn’t really need anything so flew past both on the bike and the run. I guess if you drink a liquid mix other than the on-course Perform I could see the need but I love me some Powerbar so I was all set. As I started to think about what I would do differently this time around, I asked folks for some suggestions on twitter. I was also just curious how many people actually stopped to stock up and what they used. Here are some of my faves:

Probably the top tip I'll be testing:



Snacks & caffeine to look forward to:





Homemade cookies...

recommendation from a former volleyball teammie and sorority little... somehow I don't think Coach Kerry would approve, Emily ;)


And then someone who likes to packs a little heat with their snacks... just kidding Alisa confirmed the autocorrect... GUM! ;)


We had lubricants:




I had never thought about this popular one, gum:


I also really liked Lauren's tip - throw a whole tire in there - hey, you never can be too prepared!


On the flip side, keeping it simple:



Or do as the legends do:



What did the collective twitter survey miss? What do you pack?