Mont Tremblant: 140.6 Debut!


Best day ever. Amazing course, amazing day, couldn't have asked for a better debut. The quick and dirty: Swim was amazing until we ran into the waves ahead of us and got pummeled by men who started 15 minutes before. I had a blast on the bike—smiling the whole way and wahoos and fist pumps starting around mile 80. And then weirdly enjoyed every mile of the marathon up until mile 24 or so when the hills picked back up and the wheels started to wobble off.

First lap of the run I was beaming, thinking to myself, "I am running a marathon right now... how cool is that?!" and then second lap was a wild ride since #OCDSherpa told me "you're in second age group, third is twenty behind you." My tired and caffeine-addled brain interpreted that as 20-seconds (in reality, it was 20-minutes) so I spent the second loop running scared and looking over my shoulder trying to find mysterious girl #3 on my heels (even though I just knew from the turn-arounds that there was no one coming up on me).


End result is an age group podium (2nd), fourth female overall and a 10:13 to punch my ticket to Kona. Rinse and repeat, time to do it all again in 53 days. Love it.


Coming down the finishing chute, I was absolutely on cloud nine, blowing kisses to the crowd and grinning like a crazy person. I feel so blessed to get to do a sport a love and that I can consider sweating and suffering for 10+ hours to be an fun adventure.


So much of this is in part to the support I get from my Rev3 teammates—texts, tweets, etc. leading up to the big day—and to all of the amazing sponsors that support the Rev3 amateur team as much as they do. My new QR has been one of the best purchases I have ever made (rides like a dream) and even after what seemed like gel #57, I was still tossing back PowerBar like it was my job (strategically stored Double Latte gels in my bento kept me eating—my fave to look forward to.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Lastly, one of my favorite moments from the day might have been someone running in a Rev3 visor who shouted at me "I LOVE REV3!!" as I ran in the opposite direction on the out and back. Me too, fellow athlete, me too... : )


And probably the most used item of the entire weekend, from pre-race prep to key recovery in the hours afterward were my trusty Normatecs. Thanks to everyone who let me know that it was worth bringing them up to the Great White North. Post-race heaven might be Normatecs and stealing the rest of my dad's "Biscuits et Creme" ice cream.

#OCDSherpa really did think of everything: