Anyone Want a Dog?


UPDATE: No local no-kill shelters currently accepting dogs and my brother/SIL couldn't bear to split the mother/puppy duo after they survived in the woods together (maybe losing some other puppies in the process) so they are keeping both as part of a joint custody situation with my parents. The mother is currently being treated for heartworms and my little niece has absolutely fallen in love with both the sweetheart mother and puppy : ) That is, anyone in the New Orleans/Mississippi/Texas area?

My brother and his wife saved two dogs this past weekend from the side of the road in nowhere Mississippi. Momma dog "Liberty" looks like she was a pregnant hunting dog who got lost and we think she might have had little "Lucky" out in the wild.



According to my brother, Liberty the momma is very calm and sweet and kind of just does her own thing while pup Lucky was pretty friendly but also seemed concerned about everything that was going on. You have to remember that this is probably her first time around people... and she got a good first introduction with my wild niece!

Even V loves Lucky already!! Puppy hugs are the best:


They brought them home to the New Orleans area, fed, bathed and de-loused them and brought them to the vet to see if mom had a chip. Sadly, no. : (


Most likely mom and pup will end up at the local no kill shelter since my brother and his wife already have two wild and crazy dogs and a two-year-old in the house. However, the puppy is so cute that either my sister in law wants to keep it, or my mom is trying to convince my dad to add one more to their own little pack.

How can you resist this little cutie?


Passed out in the dog bowl after filling his tummy:


Let me know if you can think of anyone who might be interested! Obviously Lucky is so cute he'll end up in a good home (if not with my parents...) so I'm a little more worried about momma dog. Thank heavens for no-kill shelters but want to help this sweetie to a furr-ever home!