The Accidental TT

I am dying of laughter right now. Somehow, in a moment of pure dumb blonde-ness, I managed to accidentally sign up for and compete in a TT event. My photos are on the facebook page, my results (4th female) are online—all for a race I didn't even know I was participating in. Maybe I did more damage with my concussion during the accident than I initially thought... Let me back up.

When I first found out I was moving to Austin, I did a lot of research on the best places to bike. And time and time again the Veloway was one of the go-to places for people who didn't like to ride right next to cars in a 65-mph zone, which seems to be the standard for most riding right around Austin. This morning I went to my doctor and got the green light for riding outside (and running too—yay!) so I thought I would ease back into the waters by starting in a safe place like the Veloway.

Well, when I showed up there were aerohelmets and race wheels and spandex onesies galore. This is where the rationalizing began: "Austin triathletes mean business", "no different than silly show-offs at Hains Point", "people here for some random cycling team group ride." So after gathering all of my gear, I walk up to the girl who parked in front of me and ask where the entrance to the loop is. She points me in a general direction but then first says, "oh, you have to register at that table over there." So I'm like, uhhhh okay... and I go register, write down my name on some sort of waiver, stick a number to the front of my helmet and then start looking for the entrance to the loop.

Again, I roll up next to some guy and ask where the loop is. He rattles off some general directions and is like, "if you follow me, you'll be fine." So I decide to tag along and spend the first ten minutes or so lolly-gagging behind this man, not wanting to get lost and miss the exit to the elusive loop. I'm a little confused at why we're out riding on MoPac (where the speed limit is 65-mph) when all of the reviews said that the Veloway was perfect for speed skaters and folks biking with their kids. This was nothing at all like I had expected.

About ten minutes in, I'm bored of coasting and jump behind a man who's booking it a little faster. I tail him as best I can for another 15-minutes (but really just get dropped and watch him ride off in the distance)... until we end up back at square one.

There are several check-points where I can hear the timing mats going off and while I think it's odd, it never really clicks that it's a race. Again, the endless rationalizing. "Oh, maybe they are worried about someone getting lost out there or hit by a car so they check everyone as they're coming in and out.... etc. etc." 

Turns out there was also a automatic camera. Did not realize that.

Candid camera:


Befuddled, I ask yet another guy where the entrance to the loop is and he points me way in the other direction, right past where I signed up to ride this supposed loop. Finally, I'm ready to get away from the tight shoulder and speeding cars. And I find the most beautiful, winding, wide-open, car-free path that I could enjoy... and I'm in heaven. I end up having a blast getting used to cornering and climbing again and testing out the shoulder/collarbone. After about 30-minutes of riding, it's almost like I never broke it.

Even 7 weeks later, it's just like riding a bike...

I basically ride until the sun is setting and 1:40 minutes of pure bliss later, I pedal back to the car. After loading up, I'm sitting on the curb finishing off my PowerBar recovery drink while perusing twitter when I see a post by the local tri store Austin Tri-Cyclist about a local TT event that took place this evening. I'm intrigued... and want to see whether there are any other similar events coming up that I could ride in while I'm still recovering my run and swim. Turns out.... the event they were talking about was the very same one I rode in!

Of course I'm cracking up now, and in skimming the results, I realize I came in as fourth female! If only I had realized it was for time and tried a little harder... There are also photos of me riding (apparently oblivious) on the timing company's facebook page.

TOO funny.

So next time one of these takes place, I am definitely going back out and trying to ride for real. But for now, riding under the live oaks and the waning sunset was good enough for this girl.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 10.22.36 PM

I could not be happier about my return to riding than I currently am.