This Season & Rev3 Knox

The biggest bummer about my broken collarbone is having to cancel travel plans for races where I know I'll still be sidelined for recovery. I went to the doctor this morning and right now the initial prognosis is no running for six-to-eight-weeks and no swimming for something terrifying like three months. I was okay canceling Texas 70.3 (and, somewhat surprisingly, WTC was quick to give me the $75 max refund out of my initial $175); however, it killed me to change travel plans for Rev3 Knoxville.

You see, this is one of my favorite Rev3 races and was going to be the first time in several months after the summit to see all of my Rev3 team peeps. To top all of that off, it is also currently scheduled for CINCO de MAYO! Last year there was a big party in Knoxville's little downtown area and I was so bummed to be passing on the tequila, chips and salsa-dancing since I was resting up for the next day. This year, however, I was planning on heading straight there after finishing to get a (well-earned) post-race margarita.

It's also the site for the 2014 Rev3 Championships and since one of my main goals for this year is to qualify for next year's championship, getting to earn points toward the race AND essentially get in a practice run for the big race in 2014 was going to be huge. 

Bummer bummer bummer.

I've had some people ask me about Knoxville (probably after hearing about Rev3's little championship plans), and since I'm not racing and don't have to worry about you beating me, I thought I'd share a few insights from racing Knoxville last year:

The Race Report: "Holy Hills"

My Knox Secrets:

  • Go to the practice swim - it's a little bit chilly in the Tennessee River so you'll want to mentally prepare yourself at the practice swim the day before. Definitely not cold enough to take your breath away and definitely not the coldest swim I've ever done (not even close) but enough where you'll want to test it out to avoid any surprises/shock when you hop in on race morning.
  • Wear Tinted Goggles: I remember swimming a bit into the sun/glare as the sun was coming up last year. I'd recommend wearing goggles with a bit of a tint to make sure you're still sighting well come race morning.
  • The bike is HILLY! Fun hilly but there are definitely two grueling climbs that stick out in my mind. Be patient with these and don't try to blow yourself out on the first part of the climb because they go on for quite some time. If you are a stronger biker, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this course. I did :)
  • The run is mostly flat except for a nice gradual downhill coming out of T2, which you then have to return back up coming into the finish. Use the slight downhill to stretch out your bike-tired legs and increase turn-over as you get started on your run.
  • That hill will be back there when you make the final mile into transition. Save a bit in your legs for this, because most racers will not have. I ended up passing a good number of people in this little stretch (of course, only to be passed in the last 10 steps - doh! - read my race report about that little slip-up).
  • Not a race tip but for transition day: the transition is a short walk from the registration, expo, etc. Make an action plan with your race crew for how you want to conquer the day. Somehow I was just an unorganized basket case and ended up walking back and forth between the car, transition and the expo site multiple times, which made for a long day.

Register here:

No worries, I'll be back. Rev3 Knoxville 2014 (and the championship...), watch out!