Rev3 Summit - Part II

Continued from Part I... And so Alex, Ron, Brittany, Michael, David and I crashed a master's practice at the Boulder FlatIrons athletic club. After warming up with the 1:40 group, I somehow found myself leading a very crowded lane. And then with a few too many comments from my lane mates about pushing the pace, the one and only Simon Lessing barked at me to move over to the 1:30 lane. Even without the unique circumstances (meters! at altitude!) this would have been a tricky pace to keep up with. But when former five-time world champ tells you to do something, you listen!


So I shifted over a lane and took up the rear of the 1:30 lane. A few laps in, I ended up moving up a spot as the girl I was following took a breather on the wall. And then I found myself following the bubbles of a certain Boulder pro who I've followed for quite some time—I tried my best to keep it cool and not get starstruck ;)

And by "followed" I mean I was able to hang for approximately 100-200 meters and then slowly watch the front half of the lane pull away from me until I was huffing and puffing and had to let them loop me while I took a breather on the wall. But since Simon said it was okay, I tried not to worry too much. It's really amazing—on the shorter intervals, I could keep up somewhat but on the longer sets they trucked on ahead, consistently swimming the same fast pace like it was nothing (and I'm sure being Saturday morning this was also one of their easier days...).

We swam about 3k in total before I had to get out to catch a ride with Alex and the crew to the Summit. I felt bad hopping out and cutting Simon's workout a little early... but not really, because my lungs and my legs were barking in the thin air. Never before have I appreciated sea level as much as that morning workout!


Back at the summit... I mentioned that we got to hear from new sponsors Compex and Biotta Juices on Saturday, both of which I'm extremely excited about. I've used e-stim before as part of volleyball and physical therapy but never as a strength building tool. Apparently it helps both ends of the spectrum (recovery AND strength) so I am extremely excited to test it out in the field. My dad also swore by e-stim while treating a compressed disk a few years back so I'll have to keep an eye on him to avoid him stealing my recovery gear like my mom did with my Normatecs!

The next day it was ski-city over in WinterPark/Mary Jane where Lauren, Jordan, Jeff, Ryan and I went skiing for the day. Probably haven't skied since 8th grade but it came back quickly—like riding a bike!—and we had a blast. Apparently there are a lot of closet skiers on the team and Lauren is a boarding bad-ass! Couldn't have asked for a better crew to play on the slopes with:


There were a few solid wipe-outs...


and getting up close and personal with trees...


some sick moves...

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.27.35 PM

and overall it was an awesome time.


After burning the candle at both ends, it was a nice to enjoy a quiet dinner with a few of the remaining peeps at a Himalayan restaurant in Boulder and then a nice easy jog/hike Monday morning in a local park before flying out.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.31.48 PM

Can you imagine working here? I can... but then I would get fired from my day job for playing hooky every. single. day. I really wish I could go back to Boulder... if it weren't for the upcoming Austin move, I would have been tempted to just stay there.

The excitement of the 2013 race season is definitely building and summit only put me over the edge. I love learning about great products that should help me become a better athlete—so 2013 is only looking up.

(That Pearl Izumi HQ visit mentioned is still teed up, I promise; coming down the pipeline...)