Rev3 Summit - part I

What an experience... I don’t even know where to start. Three days with 30-something other members of the Rev3 Tri age group team in amazing Boulder, Colorado. Three days learning about some of the best sponsors in the world, including a trip to the Pearl Izumi headquarters. Three days laughing and drinking and wondering whether I could find a way to convince the entire team to up and move to Boulder with me.


On Thursday night I flew in late to Denver, where Jordan was nice enough to come pick up a few of the late stragglers. And I mean late - I didn’t get in bed until 2am… or 4am DC time. But ended up toughing it up to roll out of bed for an early run to kick off the weekend. I don’t know if it was the altitude or the beautiful sunrise but I was already on cloud nine, even on just 4 hours of sleep – honestly, from day one, I fell hard for Boulder. Love it:


Day one of the summit was filled with introductions (new team members! see the full team here),  a little social media/blogger presentation by expert Jamie and the first round of sponsor introductions.

Across the weekend, we heard from existing sponsors Pearl Izumi, SBR Sports, Quintana Roo, PowerBar and Reynolds, as well as from new sponsors Compex (SO excited about this) and Biotta Juice. I have to say, these companies seriously raised the bar this weekend – on the whole, I have always been wowed by our sponsors’ product quality and commitment to the Rev3 team but this was beyond all expectations. I have always taken the time to learn about our sponsors (either through their sites or through trial and error) but having a rep come to speak with us helps me feel like I now know so much more about the brand and can confidently speak about a handful of products I was already excited about based on my own experiences.


But the icing on the cake for me was the visit to the Pearl Izumi headquarters just over in Louisville. I have a separate post detailing the experience coming but let me just say this company is legit. There are only great things coming down the pipeline (i.e. the spring 2013 collection – footwear, bike gear, run line – you name it) and I couldn’t be happier to be rocking their gear in training and on race day.


After taking over Pearl Izumi HQ, a group of us headed to the local cantina to unwind with Mexican food and tequila. And very quickly I learned that this group is NOT a tame bunch! After a few big bar tabs and one too many margaritas by most of us, we took over half of the restaurant and pretty much were the scene at the restaurant that night. In fact, a few girls leaned over (after taking photos with our very own Alan for the night… p.s. newbie Ron is the BEST!) and asked, “who ARE you guys?” Let’s just say this group knows how to create a commotion… between the flurry of sexual innuendos and general outrageousness my abs were sore from laughing so hard that night.

Over dinner Alex mentioned that he was joining the Lovatos (the pro couple who he was staying with that weekend) for Masters swimming the next day at 7:15am… and despite the fact that I was already several margaritas deep, of course I HAD to join him. Thankfully we all made it home in one piece that night and woke up in time to join the group, which included a world champion standing on deck coaching and a few pro athletes I’ve spent the past few years idolizing, in a steamy outdoor pool at the legendary Flat Irons Athletic club…

more coming in part 2!