Running Around Town

Sunday was long-run day and since I was tired of my regular but relatively boring long run route out through the hills of Arlington, I thought I’d mix it up by looping together some of my favorite runs for a tour of the city. 217842_4175790912455_105368532_n

Last year, when lived up by U St., my staple run was a straight shot down 16th, past the White House before I would then loop around the Washington Monument or the WWII memorial—and up and around the Capitol if it was a longer one (little known fact: it’s a real hill... oof)—before heading back up to my old teensy studio on U.

And there was always something to see: sunrises lighting up the reflecting pool, sunsets behind the Lincoln Memorial, Marine One fly-overs, kids and dads riding the merry-go-round on the mall, school groups in ugly matching hoodies blocking the path, runners accidentally photobombing tourist shots (oh wait, that was me), wrinkly veterans in uniform getting pushed in wheelchairs, random protests, strange projections set to music on the Hirshhorn’s exterior, people pretending to hold up the Washington Monument despite the fact that it’s not leaning, snippets of every language imaginable, motorcades, segway tours, a few months worth of occupy DC’ers, ghetto ice cream trucks, pretzel carts, cherry blossom showers in the spring…

It’s weird: I’ve never really connected with DC. Not my kind of town. But when I’m running it, I’m absolutely in love.

It’s good that my running is picking back up because I feel like I have to say goodbye. So last Sunday I soaked up every minute of my twelve miles through eerie fog, mist and occasional drizzle to bop through some of my old haunts. It couldn’t have been better. I have another long run next week and already I’m planning on an even more-DC route, if that’s even possible.

Last weekend’s route took me: along the Potomac, past the Jefferson memorial, around the Tidal Basin (normally home to the most cherry blossoms), looping past the Washington Monument before heading to run around the perimeter of the mall, up and around the Capitol building, a wave to the White House in the distance, past the Lincoln Memorial, across the Potomac (a second time) before heading up to finish around the Marine Corps/Iwo Jima statue and the Arlington Cemetery (clearly my photo collage didn’t include everything).

Next weekend’s route, improved: will hopefully include all of the above, plus a detour through Georgetown and better planning as I run the mall loop to include the reflecting pool, Vietnam Memorial, WWII memorial and possibly the White House (though with the inauguration, the whole area is probably going to be a zoo).