Happy 2013

adventure-begins Hope everyone started the year off right! True to Southern tradition, I made sure to stick to my standard new year's fare: black eyed peas (for luck), ham (for health) and greens (for money)... I'm not one for superstition, but it couldn't hurt, right?

So in a previous post, I mentioned that my 2013 is looking to be less about goals and resolutions and more about making the right everyday decisions with the hope that they slowly add up to a greater end goal... which is a cop-out way of admitting that this year is a little lacking in specific goals.

But tis the season and everyone's talking about goals and resolutions, including good ol' facebook. Anyone else catch this?


Whether or not you are the goals and resolutions type, here are a few good pieces I ran across in the past few days related to the passing of a new year—some focus on the concept of New Year's Resolutions, while others toss the clean slate concept out of the window. In the end, both are good perspectives to draw from:

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Meet a Goal Setter: Steph Corker | goal-setting profile by lululemon on a fellow triathlete and 2012 kona competitor

Personal Goal Setting Guide | Planning to Live Your Life Your Way

Stop Rereading | on creating the life you want instead of living in the past

Equinox on Resolutions | we believe fitness is a continuous journey

It's Not Okay | do some stuff less, do other stuff more

Dream | Instead of Making Resolutions, Dream

The Beauty in the Ugly | start doing—today is the new tomorrow

Getting Started on Goals with Lululemon | an always-good resource from Lululemon on ambitious but achievable goal setting

There's Always Someone Better Than You | on relativity and looking inward when analyzing your performance and training (and goals)


As for me, 2012 was all about learning how to get the workouts done, and get them done right. Looking back, I think I did a decent job in that arena.

Moving forward, 2013 is going to be about the recovery windows before and after those workouts. Namely, figuring out the right routine to make sure I'm setting myself up to recover right and get ready for the next round.

This means better time management and workout scheduling to cut down the number of late night workouts. Better planning in advance, including hydrating/fueling in advance as well as a protein/carb mix for after those harder workouts). Better communication in sending workout logs and TP updates to the coach. And working hard to stick to a reasonable bedtime routine. This year it's about paying attention to the little things, to make the big things even better.

So here's to 2012, may 2013 be just as great. Happy New Year!