2012 Race Superlatives

Favorite Overall Race: Rev3 Wisconsin Favorite Tri-Turned-Duathlon: Rev3 Florida

Most Likely to Crush Your Hopes & Dreams: Las Vegas 70.3 Champs

Most UpliftingRev3 Half Full

Most Likely to Cause Heat StrokeEagleman 70.3

Best TransitionRev3 Florida (Rev Racks FTW)

Favorite Swim: Rev3 Knoxville

Longest Transition EVER: Las Vegas 70.3 Champs

Stupidest Name: TIE Rumpass in the Bumpass or General Smallwood Tri

Favorite RunRev3 Florida (flatness trumps all)

Best Hills/RollersRev3 Half Full

Coolest Swim Start: Rev3 Wisconsin (Tony Barton, yeah!)

Dirtiest SwimLas Vegas 70.3 Champs

Favorite BikeRev3 Wisconsin

Best Post-Race foodRev3 Half Full or Rev3 Florida (there was beer involved)

Coolest MedalRev3 Half Full

Worst Run CourseLas Vegas 70.3 Champs