Horses & Bikes

Currently putting off a my last long-ish trainer session (and by long i mean a whopping 70-min) before my very undertrained and out-of-shape self attempts to survive Rev3 Florida.... So let me tell you about my weekend instead: on Saturday, I attended a friend's wedding in tiny Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Of course, I brought along my bike—just in case—and made sure I didn't party too hard on Saturday so I could enjoy riding bikes outside while escaping the always-traffic-crazy DC the following day.

I had meant for it to be a longish ride for exploring but a busted tire and two popped flats cut my ride and meant rolling my bike the six miles back to the car. Ah, the joys of solo training...

But in the short time before I flatted, I did get to experience riding through some winding roads with some killer (uphill) and dangerous (downhill) climbs just as the leaves were in their peak:

and some farms scattering the idyllic countryside

and finally a horse in a colorful poncho

and because it's too good not to share, a photo series from the photobooth the couple had set up at the wedding on Saturday night....

this is why you don't drink and (horseback)ride, people: