forgive me USAT for i have sinned. i have a confession: i didn’t touch my bike for two weeks after getting off it in vegas. while i know that’s generally frowned upon from a training perspective, i know it’s really really frowned upon for other reasons—namely, hygiene.

i had pulled most of my clothes and leftover sticky powerbar gels out of my giant bike bag upon my return but promptly zipped it back up and forgot about it for another two weeks. this past weekend i braved the bike re-assembly process (after all, the rev3/half full is coming up in two weeks) and i’m honestly surprised that i didn’t find a mold monster growing down there. i mean, ew, really?! so other than avoiding the bike and febreezing my apartment, what have i been doing?

lots of shopping, eating and drinking while my parents came for a little birthday visit

followed by conferencing in san francisco (nerd-alert... and no, that hat is not mine, it was a prop - i'm not cool enough for that

which included the red hot chili peppers

and hanging with the one and only alexander endo before a track workout with the matt dixon/purplepatch track group in san francisco (holy speedwork!)

before I accidentally ran seventeen miles because i wanted to run across the golden gate bridge and didn't have a watch/garmin and my phone died about 30-minutes in.

in sum: basically avoiding anything and everything triathlon, other than running and swimming and yoga-ing whenever i damn felt like it!

in all reality though, the lack of structure is getting old. after vegas, i knew that i’d be travelling a lot and knew my inability to stick to a schedule during crazy times at the end of a long season so i decided to take a mini-break from my fabulous coach* (who is completely logically and supports end of season sabaticals like this and, oh yeah, is a total bad ass).

the only thing is that i have a handful of rev3 races still on tap so, really, my season isn’t over. and despite my failure to stick to the “plan” and my impulse to go running back to my coach asking her to “take me back”, i’m avoiding the temptation—for mental reasons. you see, i did something even more impulsive a few weeks ago and signed up for this little event in august that could take anywhere from ten to seventeen hours. oops.

this season isn’t over but i plan to party my way through training and racing across the next few weeks so when i’m reunited with Liz i’m ready and i’m hungry!

*i just realized i never talk about my coach much on here. yes, i have a coach. yes, she's fabulous. and, yes, i've been improperly taking credit for all her amazingness for the past, oh year-and-a-half or so. right now i think she's the only person i'd trust enough to get me through my first ironman.