girl on fire

i should NOT have watched the VMAs the night before Vegas. the only thing running through my mind while suffering up and down the vegas bike course was alicia keys singing girl on fire and gabby douglas tumbling across the VMA stage. only in my instance, the "on fire" part was not a metaphor for my awesomeness, rather it was a metaphor for how effing hot and miserable i was out on the bike course. seriously, ON FIRE.

let's just say i really hope what happens in vegas, stays in vegas.

true, i didn't get the day i wanted but as my parents so kindly reminded me as i was beating myself up via phone afteward, this was only my second half-ironman ever--and was a "world championship" race on one of the toughest/hottest courses out there. despite pulling an overzealous/diva move early on the bike and blowing up about halfway through, i still managed to salvage a run and finish in 31st place, or in the top 50% of all those who qualified. i could almost say i'm just happy i finished yesterday... so i'm taking away a lot of "lessons" from this and soldiering onward.

next up, two races run by hands-down the BEST triathlon race production company in the world: first, the Rev3 half full triathlon in my backyard, followed by 70.3 numero tres down with Rev3 in Florida! (the flat course is much more up my alley so i'm looking for a little redemption and confidence boosting here...)

but first, "Treat Yo Self" 2012 continues:


triathlete star-gazing by the pool? TREAT YO SELF.

mimosas? TREAT YO SELF.

frozen yogurt.... with fun toppings!?!? TREAT YO SELF.

fine leather goods? TREAT YO SELF. (awk photo taken for my stylist's seal of approval, aka my mom)

pumpkin spice lattes? TREAT YO SELF.

"bonus" recovery time in the normies? TREAT YO SELF.

i may or may not recap the race itself, depending on how long treat yo self week 2012 continues...